Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thunderhead Alliance for Bicycling and Walking Retreat 2008

Nancy is in red with a blue and white sweater in the second row, third from the left.
I am in green in the third row, center, next to Scott Bricker (brown) from Bike Pittsburgh.
Hans van Naersen, League of American Bicyclists, is wearing blue, front row second from right.
John Boyle appears to be hiding in the back row, but we can still see you, John!
Pennsylvania was well represented on Bainbridge Island this past year. Even more folks attended ProWalk/ProBike the following week.
I had the greatest time learning from all of the many leaders around our nation and from Canada. Stephanie Potts (Complete Streets, Transportation for America, and Smart Growth America) was a truly delightful roommate...and I am so pleased to have met her. The work she is doing is driving the mission of WalkBikeBerks and other Thunderhead Alliance organizations nationally. Thanks Stephanie!

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