Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Berks County Residents Bike to Work
By Heather Tassmer; News Editor

Dealing with today's "tough" economy, people are always looking for a way to save a buck or two where they can. Gas prices were on everyone's minds this summer during the prime travel season.
But Keith Karlson, a street foreman for the Borough of Birdsboro, didn't have to worry about gas prices. Karlson bikes to work.
Karlson said he's been riding a bicycle to work for the past two years.
"I used to walk but now I bike," he said. "I work outdoors so I'm used to being outdoors."
Our very own Board member is part of this story:
Jeremy Slonaker, treasurer of the organization Walk Bike Berks and an employee at Baldwin Hardware, Reading, also rides his bike to work from Exeter Township about three days a week.
It's about a seven and a half mile ride and takes him about thirty minutes.
Slonaker said that he started biking to work in March 2008, Slonaker uses the Schuylkill River Trail for part of his trip.
He added that he's an experienced cyclist and has endured 30 degree weather before.
"You just have to wear the right clothing," he said.
Some people ride bikes to save money. Slonaker said his reason was so he could get exercise and spend more time with his family.
He said instead of coming home from work and going on a bicycle ride, he can get his exercise finished early and have more time with the family.
We're in the story too...
Walk Bike Berks
Walk Bike Berks is an organization committed to promoting walking and biking and encouraging lawmakers to make the roads safe for people to do so.
In May, WalkBikeBerks members teamed up with Baldwin Hardware to encourage people to bike to work.
Several people had a great experience biking to work, according to the organization's blog.

You can find the full article here: http://www.berksmontnews.com/WebApp/appmanager/JRC/Weekly?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pg_wk_article&r21.pgpath=%2FBMN%2FNews%2FThe+Southern+Berks+News&r21.content=%2FBMN%2FNews%2FThe+Southern+Berks+News%2FTopStoryList_Story_2467684

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