Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Crosswalks page 43

5.451 “Crosswalks shall be provided when required by the Township to facilitate pedestrian circulation and to give access to community facilities”.

5.452 "Crosswalks shall have a minimum width of 10 feet and a paved walk for not less than 4 feet.“

Let’s forget about the shopping center project for a minute and look at recent commercial construction. The building is located at Business Route 422 and Neversink Road. It is an office complex near completion. There will be at least 200 people employed at this complex. Drive into the complex and there is a beautiful view of the community facilities. There are restaurants, banking, auto repair, and retail stores.

Take a look at the intersection of Circle Avenue and East Neversink Road. There is a crosswalk going in every direction. Now look at the accessibility to the community facilities from the crosswalks. There is none. Are there sidewalks in place to Business Route 422? No. There is a cut-out in the curb for handicapped access but it ends in a grass mound with a traffic light post in the way. There is no sidewalk in this new construction to provide access to the surrounding services. There are no sidewalks at all in this commercial business district.

Once this Office Complex is occupied this highway will be marked as a killer highway. The township will assume no responsibility for poor planning. We need the township to enforce the sidewalk and crosswalk ordinances. It is their responsibility! We need the township to further amend their ordinances to include sidewalks in the entire business district.

We should have a slide show to show this injustice. Do we have any access to video equipment?


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Exeter Township Walking The Talk?

Exeter Township Supervisors Meeting Summary - Oct 15, 2007

Several residents voiced their concerns about the Exeter Commons project. Supervisors sent the Exeter Commons Attorney back to the Planning Commission for unresolved issues. A time extension could be filed to give Ironwood more time to resolve issues.

Dona Starr brought up the recommendation of a Joint Workshop between the Township Supervisors, Planning Commission, PennDot and Exeter residents. Michele Barrett has been on top of this issue from the beginning and has done a great job getting our elected officials thinking about pedestrian needs. Don Wilson & Paul Swartz have voiced their approval for a pedestrian and bicycle access in the community during the planning commission meetings. Dona Starr and Michelle Kircher said there is a plan for a pedestrian cross walk. No additional details about the cross walk were given.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What is Walk and Bike Berks County?

Walk and Bike Berks County is a new Bicycle and Pedestrian email advocacy network that seeks to make the county bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

The network will also encourage:

To join the email network send a blank email to -

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