Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Exeter Township Walking The Talk?

Exeter Township Supervisors Meeting Summary - Oct 15, 2007

Several residents voiced their concerns about the Exeter Commons project. Supervisors sent the Exeter Commons Attorney back to the Planning Commission for unresolved issues. A time extension could be filed to give Ironwood more time to resolve issues.

Dona Starr brought up the recommendation of a Joint Workshop between the Township Supervisors, Planning Commission, PennDot and Exeter residents. Michele Barrett has been on top of this issue from the beginning and has done a great job getting our elected officials thinking about pedestrian needs. Don Wilson & Paul Swartz have voiced their approval for a pedestrian and bicycle access in the community during the planning commission meetings. Dona Starr and Michelle Kircher said there is a plan for a pedestrian cross walk. No additional details about the cross walk were given.

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