Sunday, September 21, 2008


Our Sundae Sunday Ride was a resounding success. We packed Scoupe DeVille at about 3:30 on September 21 after a gorgeous ride on the Schuylkill River Trail from the Brentwood Trailhead.

In total, about 25 riders -- as young as one year old and, well, much older than that -- strapped on helmets and pedalled together on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

The question was asked: Will you be doing this every year?

The answer: God willing. With donations, volunteers, and advocacy hard at work, we'll not only be able to repeat this event, but make this Sundae Sunday ride "the thing to do!' If you love bicycling and want it to be accessible to everyone, join us now as we begin to set our goals and plan events for the new year. We'll meet this Saturday (and the last Sat. of every month) at the Holy Cross Church on 5th Street in Reading, PA.

If you are interested in helping us organize next year's weekly ride, call or write to us today. We'll be happy to have your help. If you represent a business who would like to participate, we also welcome your call. We can make your business one of the stops on our route next season -- and bring bicycling business to your front door! We do ask that you consider biking - and add bicycle parking and racks to attract our riders to you.

For a map of the trail we rode, visit:

Tonight: take a minute to write a little thank you note to Spokes Bike Shop owner Mike Myers for being so very generous in donating the great bicycle that was given away today. The website:

Many thanks as well to the wonderful owners of Scoupe DeVille, Sandy and Doug Paris. They were extraordinary hosts of our weekly event. Their website:

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