Monday, September 22, 2008


Nearly all things that make great biking and hiking in Berks County are done through hands-on volunteer efforts. When a tree falls across a trail, it's often a volunteer who gives up time and materials to remove the hazard. When new trails are opened, volunteers maintain it. When concerns are addressed, it's because volunteers work together to make things better.

WalkBikeBerks is comprised of people who simply love walking, hiking, biking, and enjoying our gorgeous county. We want to make biking and walking accessible and safe for everyone because we also want it safer and more accessible for ourselves. We are willing to give up time and resources -- our own funds -- because we think everyone should have the same opportunities we want for ourselves.

We also want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to make sure not one single new pedestrian or bicyclist is hurt or killed in our county. We want pedestrians and bicyclists to learn how to keep themselves safe when traveling our roadways and trails system as well help drivers become more aware and patient with other users of shared streets and intersections.

PennDOT has so many really excellent resources that are free and easy to access to help us all learn more -- to keep us all safe as we travel.

Check out this great resource:

Pennsylvania's Bicycle Driver's Manual:

WalkBikeBerks would very much like to be able to provide quantities of the PennDOT Bicycle Drivers Manual when we attend events such as International Walk to School Day on October 8. PennDOT provides the manuals for free upon request, but asks that we cover the cost of shipping. For just twelve dollars we can distribute a case of 200 manuals. Consider donating today so that we are able to order several cases to distribute to bicyclists and children throughout Berks County.

You can mail your contribution or pay online with PayPal. See the payment button to the right of this post.

Thanks so much for helping make a difference.

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