Saturday, September 6, 2008

Contacting Rite Aid for Complete Streets

I Googled Rite Aid this morning and found that the company -- like so many other successful businesses today -- supports 'sustainability.' They are promoting environmental building and design as well as working to improve access to for blind and visually-impaired.

When Rite Aid comes to Berks County at the intersection of 422 and 47th Street in Exeter Township, let's be sure they are fully aware of our request for Complete Streets -- to accommodate even the most vulnerable of all road users. Let's be sure to ask the company to build a store that promotes, encourages, and models walkability and bikability for all communities. Let's write letters and make phone calls directly to the Board of Directors to ask that the new store be built in such as way that customers can walk and bike to their store -- keeping our streets safer, less congested, and slowing cars that do come and go through our neighborhood to shop at Rite Aid.

Here is the official community relations position of Rite Aid:
Community Relations
"Rite Aid store associates are very involved in helping in their hometowns. They volunteer to speak at local schools on poison prevention and the dangers of drug abuse, visit nursing homes to review prescriptions with residents, help at local food banks and participate in walks for other charitable causes.
Nationally, Rite Aid supports Children's Miracle Network (CMN). By selling $1 CMN balloons in our stores and hosting special event fundraisers, we have raised more than $23 million for 110 different children's hospitals since 1994.
The Rite Aid Foundation, whose mission is to help improve the lives of those who live and work in the communities where Rite Aid does business was established in 2001. Visit our Foundation page for information on applying for a grant from the Foundation."


Rite Aid Corporation
c/o Corporate Secretary
P.O. Box 3165
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Communications may also be sent to the following e-mail address:

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