Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Example to Follow

The city of Seattle's DOT is collecting information from -- get this -- local residents (yep) to determine how they will modify their Pedestrian Master Plan. (Get that, they have a Pedestrian Master Plan created with the input of all stakeholders. Mmm?) See here:

I am working to create a survey for Berks County -- and certainly think that individual local communities should also determine their own goals as they work to align with our Berks County Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan and our new (wonderful!) Greenway, Parks and Recreation Plan (see here:

The Berks County Planning Commission has created an excellent plan and also leads our county as a model for smaller, more local governments. They too sought public input to create a plan that was in the best interest of all parties. Attend local government meetings and ask for pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. Volunteer to create and serve on an advisory committee to help make the community where you live a place that promotes walkability and bicycling.

If you want to help in Exeter Township, we'd love to hear from you. If you need me in other parts of the county -- to attend meetings, give presentations, or to just answer questions on the phone, I'd love to help. But, remember, the most important thing is for you to speak up and out about what you need in your own neighborhood.

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