Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tell Us Your Bike To Work Month Story!

Our Commuter Challenge ends on May 31st. Commuters will have until June 3rd to log your miles and get entered into WalkBikeBerks' challenge for a chance to win certificates worth $150 from Spokes, or $100 from Lebo's Pedal Parlor or $10 from The Crank. Also, don't forget to log your miles in by May 31st for PA Commuter Services contest. See our website for details!

We'd like to hear from you about your commute during Bike To Work Month. Tell us if you're a regular commuter or just started. Tells us about the benefits you've seen in your life whether it's your health or your attitude or energy level.

If you don't have an employer but ride your children to school or ride to do your errands tell us about that as well. Here's what one commuter has already shared with us.

"I recently started riding my child to elementary school in the mornings about 3 or 4 days a week on a bike trailer/tag-a-long. My child loves the attention from the schoolmates as they wait for the bus. Other parents who see us ride into the school have also made positive comments to me about it. It's a great bonding time with my child and also helps with the exercise we both need without having to cram something else into our busy lives. And though my children don't think in these terms it's taught them they can get from one place to another without a car for the short trips we make."

This is exactly the mission of WalkBikeBerks. Tells us your story by sending an email to today!


  1. Anonymous31/5/10

    I am so eager to begin biking to school with my children -- but I hesitate. How do I get started when I have two children who are too big for toddler seats or trailers? Looking to get more biking into my day.

  2. If you are not an experienced cyclist than taking a bicycle class for yourself and one for your kids would be beneficial. Even if you are experienced taking a good bicycle skills class can prepare you for proper vehicular riding behavior. WalkBikeBerks offers classes throughout the year based on interest with our certified instructor Benton Levengood, or you can check with the League of American Bicyclists at for classes offered in the area.
    If riding 2 children to school is more than you can handle consider getting another parent to ride in with you or get your school to start a program through Safe Routes To School, a national program, which can teach and show parents and schools how to start a bicycle train (see info here at Unfortunately, some schools prohibit children from riding/keeping their bikes on school property. If that is the case, in the short term, consider riding part of the way and locking your child's bike somewhere on the way such as a park, and walk the rest of the way.
    Or if you are willing to invest in some equipment consider an adjustable bike carrier(tag-a-long) that can attach to you bike and your child can pedal along with you. The other child that is more competent at riding their bicycle can ride along side of you. Ask your local bike shop about options (carriers or tandems for children).
    If you are interested in learning more about the Safe Routes To School program we will be glad to share more information with you and work with your school to get one started.