Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Invite your local officials to Bike To Work!

Invite your local officials to participate in WalkBikeBerks Bike To Work ride on Friday May 21st at Brentwood Trailhead 7:00a.m. to City Hall (see more details at The Berks County Commissioners declared a proclamation for Berks County that May is Bike To Work month so help WalkBikeBerks spread the word by going to your local townships and boroughs and inviting your local elected officials to participate in Bike To Work.

See this video from Exeter Township's Supervisor meeting where WalkBikeBerks invites the Supervisors to participate in Bike To Work. If you attend your local meetings regularly you too might become known as "this is the guy with the trails!" Start listening at 19:19:20 into the video and turn up the volume.

Happy Commuting!

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