Saturday, May 22, 2010

New SRT Maps and Berks County Trails

New Schuylkill River Trail Maps are available! The new maps show the entire SRT from Schuylkill County to Philadelphia. When the trail is fully completed it will cover over 130 miles. The new map shows new connections being completed this year and proposed connections in the coming years.
What to look out for this year in Berks County? New on road signage between RACC and Stone Cliff Park making more visible the link from SRT to the Union Canal trail. Birdsborough is getting a new trailhead off of Rte 724. Construction has been underway and will take the trail away from the backyards of houses just off Rte 724 and The Ugly Mug.
The Berks County Conservancy has also been doing a lot to connect trails and has completed phase 1 of a feasability study to connect trails to Nolde Forest. See their links here. Also, if you haven't noticed since last year there is now a connector trail from Angelica Park to the SRT so users don't need to cross Rte 10 on foot or bike any longer to access the SRT!
Trails play an important part in connecting communities and enable bicyclists to commute from one destination to another while avoiding traffic congestion and smogg on roads. Our roadways need more work to get to Complete Street policies but our trail system is picking up the slack and making Berks County more bicycle friendly!

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