Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike To Work Day - Tip #4

Bike To Work Day is finally here! We had a great ride from Brentwood Trailhead to City Hall on a beautiful day!

Thanks to our Board of Directors Bob Hospidor (head of BCTV programming), Emily Weidner (City Liason) who worked with the city to make it happen, and Nancy Kauffman our VP for getting the refreshments ready for everyone. Also we appreciate the support from the mayor and city police for escorting us into the city and back.

And WalkBikeBerks would also like to thank all the other organizations that are working at making Berks County bicycle friendly not the least of which but including the Berks County Planners, Schuylkill River Heritage Area, Berks County Conservancy, PA Commuter Services, BARTA, and Berks County Bicycle Club.

We also thank our sponsors for Bike To Work Day ride Dean Smith from PowerBar and the NY Bagelry in Reading!

Stay tuned for pictures from our ride!

Now onto today's tip.

Do you remember riding your bike as a kid or teenager. Maybe you had a BMX style bike and enjoyed bunny hopping manholes or skidding your bike to a stop. Do you remember what clothing you wore? You probably didn't have on lycra shorts or jersey. And you probably didn't have special shoes that clip into special pedals. However, you still enjoyed the ride and the experience.

Some of us in the bicycle community might be referred to as "bike snobs" or "elitist" because we think we have to be dressed all in lycra with titanium pedals and special carbon road shoes (I use to be one of them). The reality is you don't need all of that for a simple commute to work on your bike. Yes, there are certain clothing that may make it more enjoyable so your body doesn't heat up as much and your sweat is dealt with properly and your performance is better but if you are just getting into commuting start simple and just do it.

We tend to let inertia prevent us from trying new things. So, today's tip is very basic. Riding a bike is very basic so why make it more complex if you don't need to.

Ready. . . . here we go. . . . JUST DO IT!!!

Happy Commuting!

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  1. I believe Mom will have to get a bike for herself--there's plenty of areas here in Laurel Springs where I can ride!

    Happy and safe cycling, son!