Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike To Work Tip #3

You want to bike to work but the 20 miles ride is a little too long for your taste. Is riding your bike completely out of the question? This excuse is given by many people but it's really just an excuse. There's always a solution for your bike ride. Here are some tips.

1 - Go to and check out possible routes to your workplace. You'll get elevation and distance metrics to help show you the route. Also, google maps has a bike route in beta testing as well. Find a place where you could drive your car maybe half the distance and park. Take your bike out and ride the rest of the way to the office.

2 - Check out routes from BARTA's bus schedule at and reserve a bike rack for your route. The bus may take you closer to the office and you could bike the rest or you could mix it up and bike to a barta stop, ride the bus to your next stop and than bike the rest of the way.

3 - If you work in another county then check out their alternative transportation options as well. In Philadelphia you have SEPTA and also train service that stops by the Schuylkill River Trail. Mix it up using car, bike, train and bike.

4 - Check out Pennsylvania Commuter Services to arrange for car pooling with a bike rack option.

5 - Get really fit and ride your bike the entire commute! You won't be the first and certainly not the last.

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