Thursday, May 6, 2010

May is Bike To Work Month in Berks County

As you should already know May is National Bike To Work Month. The efforts of the League of American Bicyclists have gone a long way in recognizing not only May as Bike To Work month but the entire year.

Here in Berks County WalkBikeBerks is making strides to encourage all residents and visitors of Berks County to consider using their bicycle not just as a means of recreation but also of transportation. Studies show that vehicle and bicycle collisions decrease where bicycling activity is increased. Choosing to ride your bike to work helps increase the awareness of bicyclists for motorists and actually contributes toward making riding your bicycle a safer alternative.

The key word here is "choosing" to ride your bike. There are too many roads in this country let alone Berks County where road and community design makes driving a motor vehicle inviting and comfortable but leaves those who would choose to ride their bike or walk without a choice as their roads were built only to accommodate motor vehicles. Yet a bicycle is considered a vehicle under PA state law.

Let your local and state officials know where there is inequity in road design and planning for those who would choose to ride their bikes or walk. If you know of areas in Berks County that need Complete Street maintenance let us know as well. We continue to work with the county planners in updating our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan and your input is important.

With all that said we are thankful that the Berks County Commissioners have once again declared May in Berks County Bike To Work month! View this video from BCTV of the Commissioners Workshop from Tuesday May 4th where a proclamation is made and received by some of our board members who also represents bicyclists interest from the Berks County Bicycle Club as well as the League of American Bicyclists.

Happy Commuting!

Don't forget about all the exciting events we have planned for May and register today! Visit our website for Bike To Work month events HERE!

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