Wednesday, September 29, 2010

THANK YOU AAA Reading-Berks!

Safe Kids, through the AAA Reading-Berks Foundation for Safety, have provided years of pedestrian and bicycle safety education to our children and their families. Today, I found this brochure in my son's school folder. If you are a parent or guardian of a school-age child living in Berks County, you are likely to have already read this brochure.
This brochure comes at a very significant time in the WalkBikeBerks annual calendar -- just as we are gearing up for International Walk to School Day.
It is my sincere hope that every driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian is protected from harm. I hope too that the work of WalkBikeBerks with the support of Safe Kids and the entire Berks County community works together to make it safer for our children to get to and from school every day.
Let's make a special effort in October -- for the kids?


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