Thursday, October 1, 2009


Plan a Walk to School event in 7 days

Walk to School Day events draw attention to the benefits of walking and any changes needed to make it safer for students to walk to school. Larger events include breakfasts, balloons, school mascots, and press conferences.

Many events are simpler. In fact, it's possible to plan a Walk to School event in one week.

Here are some tips:
  1. Get the principal's approval.
  2. Post flyers at school (available at If your school has an e-newsletter or listserv, send an announcement that way. The event doesn't have to be formal — just inviting families to walk or bicycle to school together is what the Day is all about.
  3. On Tuesday, October 6, make an intercom announcement to remind students to walk to school on Wednesday.
  4. Register the event at so that students and the school will be counted among the thousands of participants across the USA and worldwide.
  5. Create posters that will greet students when they arrive at school on October 7. Potential phrases include "Thanks for walking," "It's Walk to School Day" or "It's cool to walk to school!"
  6. Have fun! And remember your success for next year, when you can plan a bigger event or repeat the simple path.

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