Friday, October 9, 2009

No Sidewalks for Exeter Township

Exeter Township, like many communities, has a written policy that requires new developments to build sidewalks to code to create access for all road users. Yet, over and over again through the years, the elected and appointed representatives "waive" the requirement -- telling developers who build in Exeter that money is more important than the lives of the people who live, work, and worship here.

In the Reading Eagle News today is yet another report that demonstrates a growing trend in Berks County to build communities that are specifically designed to neglect the people they serve.

Children and parents will still have to find their way to bus stops along these business streets -- but again -- the township will do nothing to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Whether going to school, work, doctor's appointments, or grocery stores -- access to public transit is being denied as well. If there is no safe access for pedestrians -- there is no access to bus service.

This vote clearly demonstrates a vote against children, against pedestrians, and against the people of Exeter in general.

Sidewalk, curb requirements waived in Exeter Township

Thu Oct 8, 2009 9:46 pm (PDT)
Sidewalk, curb requirements waived for credit union project in Exeter TownshipThe Exeter Township Planning Commission have voted to grant waivers from curb and sidewalk requirements for a proposed Diamond Credit Union at Pineland Road and Route 422.The township supervisors had requested that sidewalks be required.But township engineer Cheryl A. Franckowiak told the planning commission Tuesday night that curbing and sidewalks did not make sense at the location.The developer asked for a waiver on curbing, but planning commission members said they preferred to waive the sidewalk requirement as well.Franckowiak said it would be dangerous to have sidewalks along the busy section of Route 422 because there are no pedestrian crosswalks.The supervisors still will have to act on the recommendation from the planners.- By David A. Kostival

Have we already forgotten all of those who have died on Perkiomen Avenue?

Let's not forget:
According to a Reading Eagle report in March 2001, a woman threw her granddaughter to safety moments before she was struck by a car and killed while walking along Perkiomen Avenue in Berks County, PA. She was walking to get the bus.

Gloria, 66, saved the life of her 2-year-old granddaughter, Kelsey, when she threw her onto an embankment before she was struck, dragged about 100 feet and killed, said the investigating Patrolman.

“What this woman did was really heroic,” said Berks County Acting Coroner.

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  1. Anonymous9/10/09

    I think it is outrageous that I have to drive my 3 children to school everyday because the school/township will not do ANYTHING about the dangerous roads here in Exeter. It was noted that Exeter officials whom WORK FOR US think that the roads are TOO DANGEROUS for people to walk, yet they keep allowing new developing/shopping for convience but will not make it safe for us to get there....even driving in the new Target shopping center is not safe! I live 5 seconds from it and I have to waste gas and POLLUTE the air to go over there! When I bought my house in March 2008, 47th st (where I live) was not high traffic, so not having sidewalks was not an because of the new shopping center, not only do we have high traffice, we have speeding. My kids cannot even walk to their bus stop without being honked at because drivers are confused as to why they are walking there in the first place! Why did Exeter not consider the elderly whom cannot drive? Why did Exeter not consider the teenagers whom walk to work at Target shopping center? Why did Exeter not consider the moms that want to get exercise with their children? Why did exeter only consider themselves when they put sidewalks on Demoss Rd so THEY can can take stroll during their lunch hour?

    Casey Alcorn

  2. Anonymous9/10/09

    Casey, please send your comment to the Supervisors who will need to vote on this yet. The planners seem to have flip flopped on this as I was sure they had already voted in previous months to ensure sidewalks would be needed for the Diamond Credit Union.
    We made some strides in getting the crosswalk and sidewalks to the new shopping center, but the developer only did the minimum. Walking there can be done, but as you say once there let pedestrians beware! That said please do use the crosswalk and sidewalk. . . we walk there most Thur or Fridays to eat out. . . with 3 children!

    Jeremy Slonaker
    Treasurer, WalkBikeBerks