Saturday, October 24, 2009

Local News Covers Walkability in Berks

Too often in communities throughout Berks County -- the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists go unmet. Still -- local, state, and federal policies do require that pedestrians and bicyclists have access to the transportation system.

For example: Sidewalks are a requirement in the Exeter Township Municipal Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). It is important that political candidates understand that walking and biking are not optional -- but necessary components for a healthy, livable community.

Exeter Township supervisor candidates focus on financial issues at forum, By Erin Negley
Reading Eagle

Democrat Anthony R. Distasio and Republican Kenneth A. Smith are running for the six-year seat.... Republican Gary E. Lloyd is running against Distasio to fill... the two year term....

When asked about requiring developers to install sidewalks,
Distasio said they should be required in every development.
Lloyd agreed.
Smith questioned the need for sidewalks everywhere and said he would like to use common sense when making requirements....

If not sidewalks -- then:

  • Shared Use Paths?
  • Pedestrian bridges?
  • Pedestrian crossings?
  • Footpaths?
  • Pedestrian malls?
  • Pedways?
  • Stairways?

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