Monday, February 9, 2009

We are working hard to make bicycling and walking better for you.

Here's just a snapshot of our week:

Monday AM -- Meet with Doug Brown at 10:00, WOOD TO WONDERFUL
1044 N. 8th Street Reading, PA 19604
Phone: 610-488-7924
We'll try to figure out how to work with their bike donation program.

Monday Afternoon -- Meet with Northern Berks Recreation Commission to plan Bike to Work 2009

Monday PM -- Attend local township and borough meetings to promote walking and biking

Tuesday AM -- Attend County Commissioners meeting. Board members and members at large will request that the commissioners support Bike to Work Month.

Tuesday PM -- Finance Committee meets to plan membership renewals.

Wednesday AM -- Host 10,000 Friends' Transportation For Pennsylvania (T4PA) meeting at the Goggle Works in Reading.


  1. Anonymous10/2/09

    When is the 10,000 Friends meeting? Is there an agenda? Is it open to the public? I can't find it listed on their website.

  2. The T4Pennsylvania meeting is by invitation at this time. The meeting space reserved will host no more than 15 guests. If you represent an organization or would like to establish an organization to promote Livable Streets, Complete Streets, Public Transportation, Community Health, Environmental Wellness, Smart Growth or other similar endeavor, please call me at 610-779-9702. I will provide you with the details of the meeting so that you are able to reserve your seat at the table. If you would like WalkBikeBerks to address your concerns on your behalf, we would be happy to support any comments that align with our mission.