Friday, February 20, 2009

Complete Streets as a Viable Option for the 422 Corridor

Local communities around the country are working hard to figure out how we can get the most out of the limited financial resources we have -- to get the most bang for our buck. For more than a year now, WalkBikeBerks has been talking to groups across the county about Complete Streets. Our message has been consistent with the national Complete the Streets campaign: "The streets of our cities and towns ought to be for everyone, whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user, bus rider or shopkeeper. But too many of our streets are designed only for speeding cars, or worse, creeping traffic jams. They’re unsafe for people on foot or bike — and unpleasant for everybody.
Now, in communities across the country, a movement is growing to complete the streets. States, cities and towns are asking their planners, engineers and designers to build road networks that welcome all citizens."

Now, the 422 Corridor Coalition is seeking your input for the US 422 Transportation Master Plan. Complete Streets is one of the top ten options available to address congestion, access, and mobility along the corridor. You can find the details of all of the options here:

Potential Strategies
'Potential Strategies for the US 422 CorridorMcCormick Taylor presents the potential strategies. '

It is important to note that Complete Streets provide many benefits including better access to mass transit.
"Even in communities served by public transportation, incomplete streets may discourage residents from fully using the service. Many users are unable to get to transit stops in a safe and convenient manner. Nearly every transit trip begins as a walking trip – but the disconnect between transit and road planning means transit riders are often left to wait at bus stops marked by a lone post in the grass – no sidewalk, curb ramp or bench. Crossing the street to catch the bus may be hazardous."

Complete Streets Spark Economic Revitalization:
"A network of complete streets is more safe and appealing to residents and visitors, which is also good for retail and commercial development.
Street design that is inclusive of all modes of transportation, where appropriate, not only improves conditions for existing businesses, but also is a proven method for revitalizing an area and attracting new development."

Public Meetings
The first round of public meetings were held in February 2009 to allow the public to see the planning documents, talk with planners, and voice their opinions of the study so far. Both meetings were well attended. If you missed the meetings, you can still participate in the planning process. All the documents are available on this site, along with a survey designed to gather input from the public. Please take some time to read over the information, and fill out the survey.
Did you attend one of our Public Meetings? Have you had a chance to look over the study documents available on this website? Please take a moment to fill out this survey:

You can find more about the 422 Corridor Coalition and the Master Plan by visiting the website:

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