Saturday, February 7, 2009

Improving our roads and bridges -- Main Street loosing to Wall Street?

Walking and Bicycling are impacted by funding sources in Berks County. Click here to read more:

Congressman Gerlach -- Perhaps speaking to the Congressman is timely. Please ask him what he plans to do to support Main Street projects, Revitalization, Walkable Neighborhoods, Transportation Enhancements, and other walking and biking infrastructure that improves our day-to-day lives. Here is an excerpt from the Congressman's website:
Improving Our Roads and Bridges
"Every five years Congress considers Highway Authorization legislation which determines federal highway funding for states. As a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which has primary jurisdiction, Congressman Gerlach helped to secure $8.233 billion for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 2005 through 2009 (roughly $1.65 billion per year). In addition to improving federal highways and bridges throughout the commonwealth, this funding also provides money for greenways, pedestrian trails and bike paths in our communities."

Call Senator Specter and Senator Casey Immediately
Senator DeMint (R-SC) has offered an amendment to SPECIFICALLY prohibit funding for bicycles, walking and offroad vehicles. The amendment ONLY goes after bicycle, walking, and offroad vehicle funding.
The Amendment has been offered but not introduced. We do not have a schedule for when this will be introduced and voted on, but we need to alert all Senators to urge them to vote against such amendments and ensure that funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure remain eligible under the transportation funds provided in the stimulus package.
Talking Points:
Bicycle and pedestrian projects create jobs at the same or better rate than highway projects.
These smaller projects can move quickly to hire local businesses and help local economies.
Providing safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access gives families new cheaper transportation options.
Improving sidewalks and bike lanes can make a downtown a destination further helping the local economy.
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(Thanks to the League for partnering with The Alliance to make this easy for our member organizations.)

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