Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why WALK the VOTE?

My dear friend and neighbor, Amy and her handsome son Evan walked to the polls with me today. It was such a beautiful day for a stroll through our neighborhoods. As we walked, we chatted with each other and some folks who were in their yards. Amy brought along her camera so we could snap some shots of others who WALKED to the polls this morning.
Our good friend Tracy is pictured with her two beautiful children, Christian and Audrey. She said she decided to walk because she lives close. She also said she was thinking, "It really is dangerous walking up this hill [to the polling location] without sidewalks. Cars are coming both directions, and it's really not safe."
The three ladies pictured answered "Why did you walk today?" with these statements:
1. I only live two blocks away.
2. It [walking] is environmentally friendly.
3. It's easier than driving -- I live close.
The last picture shows a voter waiting in line. She also said she walked because she lives close and "it's just easy."
While there, I did not notice anyone on bicycle. So...if you bike to the polls today...take a picture and send it in. I would love to include you in WalkBikeBerks photo album for Election 2008!

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