Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is time that your voice is heard, that your opinion is counted, and that your needs are met.
WalkBikeBerks needs your help.
There are 73 local government entities in Berks County. We would love to be able address the local issues that affect your day-to-day life -- the missing sidewalk connections, the un-maintained trails, the 422 bicycle barrier that prevents you from accessing destinations in your community -- but to do that we need you.
WalkBikeBerks is seeking passionate, thoughtful, active Berks County residents who want to influence transportation and land development issues in their own home towns. To create change in every community in Berks County, we need your help. We need you to attend local government meetings in your home town and to bring issues of walking and biking concerns to us. Individually, our Board President would need to attend about 230 meetings EVERY month to stay informed on all of the issues. She can't do that alone. But with your help -- we can work together to bring Smart Transportation*, Complete Streets, and Safe Routes to School to every municipality in Berks County.
Will you help us improve walking and biking in Berks County?
Here's one way that you can become involved RIGHT NOW:
"1.3 RATS Contact Information
For more information on this Public Participation Plan or on RATS regional transportation planning activities, please contact us through the Berks County Planning Commission using the information shown on the front cover of the document."

Berks County Planning Commission
633 Court St. FL 14
Reading, PA 19601-4302
Ph: 610-478-6300
FAX: 610-478-6316
Email: planning@countyofberks.com
Web: http://www.co.berks.pa.us/planning



To Learn More About PennDOT's Smart Transportation Initiative, visit: http://www.smart-transportation.com/. Go Now. There are $60,000,000.00 up for grabs!

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