Thursday, October 9, 2008

Walk to School NEWS

Reading Eagle:
"Walk to School Day at Mount Penn Elementary Center was held in cooperation with WalkBikeBerks, a nonprofit group that works to make Berks County more inviting to bicyclists and pedestrians."We want the children to value that 30 minutes walking to school regularly," group President Michele Barrett said. "And WalkBikeBerks hopes ... that there is a countywide interest at each school, so that every school says, 'We can do this. It can be safe.' "More information about WalkBikeBerks is available at"

Channel 69 News - Berks Edition

POSTED: 10-08-2008 08:21 PM ET MODIFIED: 10-08-2008 08:22 PM ET Walk To School Day Promotes Healthy Life Style

"Walk To School Day Promotes Healthy Life Style"

"In school districts everywhere, childhood obesity is up and so is the cost of transportation. Those two things may not seem to be related, but some leaders think both would improve if more students would walk to school. WFMZ's Joel D. Smith takes us through it, step by step. Reporter: It's a parochial parade.

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