Sunday, October 5, 2008

PA State-Wide Complete Streets Bill

Write to your district's State Representative and ask for a State-Wide Complete Streets Bill today. Use my local district letter as an example:

2 Scholl Drive
Oley, PA 19547

October 5, 2008

Dear Representative Kessler,

Thank you so much for all of the fine work that you have accomplished in the past year for Pennsylvania. We are working to support your efforts for Smart Growth by focusing on a specific key element: multimodal transportation (mass transit, pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles).

I am writing today to ask you to consider working with WalkBikeBerks to draft a new state-wide Complete Streets Bill.

A new law has been signed in California creating a State-wide Complete Streets Policy. Please consider reviewing here: It is the intention of WalkBikeBerks that we look to other states who have set an example for us to follow. Ultimately, I would hope that Pennsylvania would lead the nation -- as the Keystone State -- on such sound environmental, economic, and alternative transportation policies.

Assembly Bill No. 1358
An act to amend Sections 65040.2 and 65302 of the Government Code,
relating to planning.
[Approved by Governor September 30, 2008. Filed with
Secretary of State September 30, 2008.]
legislative counsel’s digest
AB 1358, Leno. Planning: circulation element: transportation.

(1) Existing law requires the legislative body of each county and city to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the county or city with specified elements, including a circulation element consisting of the general location and extent of existing and proposed major thoroughfares, transportation routes, terminals, any military airports and ports, and other local public utilities and facilities, all correlated with the land use element of the plan.
This bill would require, commencing January 1, 2011, that the legislative body of a city or county, upon any substantive revision of the circulation element of the general plan, modify the circulation element to plan for a balanced, multimodal transportation network that meets the needs of all users of streets, roads, and highways, defined to include motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, seniors, movers of commercial goods, and users of public transportation, in a manner that is suitable to the rural, suburban, or urban context of the general plan. By requiring new duties of local officials, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
(2) Existing law establishes in the Office of the Governor the Office of Planning and Research with duties that include developing and adopting guidelines for the preparation of and content of mandatory elements required in city and county general plans.

Michele D. Barrett
Board President

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