Saturday, February 26, 2011

YOU have the power to end Distracted Driving -- and save lives.

PennDOT has released the number of roadway deaths for 2010, and the results are not pretty. Both pedestrian and bicyclist deaths are up for the year compared to 2009. In total, 148 pedestrians lost their lives on our roads last year compared to 136 in 2009. 21 bicyclists lives were ended short, compared to 16 in 2009 and 8 in 2008.

Pennsylvania has not seen a more deadly year for bicyclists since 1998 when 23 deaths were reported. Let this be a somber reminder to our elected officials that Pennsylvania needs stronger distracted driving and bicycle safety laws.

Share this vision with me: Zero serious injuries and deaths as a result of distracted driving in Pennsylvania. Pledge to take responsibility for the motor-vehicle you are operating when you are driving.

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