Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WalkBikeBerks Commuter Challenge Winners Announced!

Although Bike To Work month has passed we still have some winners to announce for our commuter challenge raffle! During the month of May WalkBikeBerks recorded over 229 bicycle commuter trips for 1015 miles from 30 individuals.

Putting these numbers into perspective it represents approximately over 48,700 calories burned which is equivalent to 90 McDonald Big Macs or 195 McDonald Hamburgers. Also, total calories burned is approximate to 141lbs. Using the 2010 IRS reimbursement rate for business travel the total miles is equivalent to $17/person saved in gas and auto repair/maintenance.

Further, comparing these numbers to the competition sponsored by our friends from the Greater Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition in Philadelphia we have the following:

____________Reading ____Philadelphia ___% Difference
# of Trips ---------229 -------------762 ----------------30%
Miles ---------------1015 -------------3,129 ------------- 32%
Population -------81,000 ------- 1,400,000 ------- 5.8%

While both organizations know there's a much larger bicycle commuter population out there that did not enter our competition it's interesting to note that while Reading's population is under 6% of Philadelphia, we had a greater proportion of trips and miles in a county that has NO bike lanes and significantly less bicycle infrastructure than Philadelphia.

We at WalkBikeBerks look forward to organizing our bicycling commuters to put pressure on our local/state governments to improve our infrastructure and improve these statistics!

Now on to our winners!

- Winner of $150 to spend at Spokes Bicycle Shop in Hamburg - Ben Schiavone from EnerSys
- Winner of $100 to spend at Lebo's Pedal Parlor in West Lawn - Thom Inglin from Baldwin
- 5 Winners of $10 to spend at The Crank in Wernersville:
- Mark Burton from Carpenter Technologies
- Sean Fullerton from Exeter Police Department
- Steve Thompson from Baldwin
- Larisa Duffy from Raylon Corp
- Ed Renenger from Stevens & Lee

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our sponsors! Check back later for pictures of our winners!

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