Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In an Aug. 18th Boston Globe article, Mark Rosenberg wrote "Three years ago, I was driving in Atlanta early one morning when I saw a body on the road. It was a young female runner. I called 911 and then ran to her. She had a horrendous head injury but still had a heart beat. I started CPR, but her injuries were too severe. She died in my hands.

I wrote a column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about what happened to the runner, and a flood of letters came in.

"Half blamed the runner, saying she should not have been running in the street at that hour. Half blamed the driver, for not paying close enough attention. Not a single writer blamed the road. I took a photograph of the scene where I had found the runner. When I showed this picture to friends from Sweden they asked, 'This is where you live? This is your neighborhood? Your streets are designed to kill people.'..."

The Boston Globe
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Title: "Roads that are designed to kill"
Author: Mark Rosenberg

~From CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.

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