Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Congress

Join the Safe Routes to School
“Dear Congress” campaign

Deadline: September 24, 2009

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership has launched a “Dear Congress: Why Safe Routes to School is Important” campaign.

Safe Routes to School is helping make it safe for children to get healthy and active through walking and bicycling to school. [You can see the impact that the federal program is beginning to have in PA. The chart demonstrates the funding that has been allocated to communities throughout the state in just the last several months.]

The Partnership needs your help generating hundreds—if not thousands—of letters from children, parents, program staff and volunteers, and school and city leaders talking about why Safe Routes to School matters to individuals and communities. The Partnership will bundle your letters and share them with members of the House and Senate so that they know how many people in their states and districts value Safe Routes to School.

For more information on how you can join the letter-writing campaign, please visit and look for the link on the homepage.

The deadline for the campaign is September 24,2009.

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