Sunday, July 5, 2009

Six Berks County school districts hold line on taxes

Six Berks County school districts hold line on taxes

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I applaud every school who is working hard to reduce or eliminate property tax increases. I also applaud those doing all that they can to keep increases low.

Keep in mind that despite phone calls, personal approaches, and letters to Exeter Township School District in 2007 and 2008, the school board failed to apply for a Safe Routes to School Grant for up to $1 Million Dollars to create better, safer walking infrastructure in our community -- grant money that would have kept our local costs lower in building a new LEED school.

In addition, they failed to apply for a 2008 PANA SRTS Academy mini grant that could have built capacity or education and outreach.

Please encourage every school district in our county to take advantage of the funding that is available to them -- Call, write, and attend your school board meetings to tell them about PANA's Safe Routes to School Mini Grant Program opening this fall -- 2009.

Fiscal responsibility includes working hard to find the resources to continue to provide excellence to our children despite economic hardships.

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