Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IWalk 2009

Begin planning now for the October 7, 2009 International Walk to School Event!

Make IWALK 2009 a great PTA or PTO event

International Walk to School Day or IWALK is a day which promotes the health of kids, making great green choices, and provides safer routes for walking and bicycling.

Involve your APT, PTO or other parent teacher organizations. You can expect to get every student in the school involved, even those that ride a bus.

What is IWALK?

Based on the International IWALK site, www.iwalktoschool.org.

IWALK started in 1994 in Great Britain, and as of 2007 was in 40 countries.

IWALK is a great idea, as it promotes exercise, teaches that walking a few blocks is OK, and if we walk, we're not polluting the neighborhood with our cars. Something great happens to a community that walks to school, you actually get to talk to your neighbor and share common experiences, or ask about the street light that is no longer working.

Any way you slice it, IWALK is good for you, your community, and your environment.

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