Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bike To Work Month Tip #1

Bike To Work month is here! Be sure to celebrate the invention of the bicycle and get out and ride it to work this month! As a recent commuter of over 1 year I'm very aware of all the excuses we give for not riding our bike to work.

"Its too far for me to ride"
"I'd get too sweaty"
"I'm out of shape"
"My hair would get messed up wearing a helmet"

Now's the time to confront your excuses and as the Nike slogan goes "Just Do It!"

Throughout the month I'll be sending out some tips to help you in your commute. Here's the first. . . "Just Do It!". Let's leave the excuses behind and do what we know will be a healthy alternative to sitting in your car.

In a recent exchange of words between Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer during a recent race, Lance somes it up best. Levi had asked Lance if he should go for the win and Lance's reply was. . "You know what. . . you're a winner so go win the stage and we'll figure the rest out later!"

So there you have it. To help you figure it out stay tuned in the coming days for more tips!

Happy commuting,

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