Thursday, March 26, 2009


1. Fight pollution -- And breathe cleaner air!

  • Automobiles pollute the ground, air and water
  • Burning fossil fuels creates CO2; contributes to global warming
  • Automobiles also produce noise pollution

2. Stay fit -- Strengthen your body on your way to work -- talk about multi-tasking!

  • Bicycling allows you to workout during your daily routine
  • Riding a bike instead of sitting in traffic is less stressful
  • Staying in better shape decreases your chance of getting sick

3. Avoid traffic delays -- Enjoy trees along trails or neighborhood streets.

  • Off-road trails, bike lanes, wide curb lanes let you pass traffic
  • Bike commutes takes less time if you add car parking and traffic delays
  • Longer rides = less traffic, more enjoyment of your commute

4. Save money -- And loose weight?

  • Maintenance costs for a car will decrease, as will your gas bill
  • You will save money on parking (and tickets)
  • You won't have to pay gym memberships to workout

5. Enjoy your commute -- It's fun to go by bike!

  • Arrive refreshed and full of energy; relieve stress after work
  • Bike communiting empowers you with an accomplishment
  • Take the long way home; ride through parks or along rivers

Thanks to the League of American Bicyclists for this content!

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