Monday, May 5, 2008

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Hans van Naerssen, Alex Doty, John Boyle, Jill Minick and all of the others are doing amazing work in for the Greater Philadelphia Area. In fact, Pennsylvania as a whole has benefited from their efforts at the State and Federal Level as well. Please visit their blog to learn as much as you can from their success:

I just received a call from Barbara McCann with the National Complete Streets Coalition. She got my name and number from John Boyle. (Thank you John for helping us make that contact.)
Ms. McCann asked WalkBikeBerks to support House Resolution H.R. 5951 -- a brand new Complete Streets Policy that will require states and local MPO's to implement complete streets policies at the state and local levels.

As you make necessary calls and write letters to your elected officials on behalf of the Complete Streets Policy, remember:

Complete Streets are NOT more expensive -- they simply require that design and implementation are done better, to accomodate all users of our transportation system.

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  1. Anonymous6/10/08

    The Bicycle Coalition should request TRANSPARENT panels on the South Street Bridge. The opaque panels as designed will block the views!