Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Note From Washington DC

Dear Friends,

I have spent two days learning and networking with the leaders in the bicycle world. Industry, businessmen and woman, advocates and lobbyists, and true kindred spirits surround me in this great city filled with the American can-do spirit. Tomorrow morning I will speak to Congressman Gerlach, Senator Casey, and Senator Spector. I will also take a moment to see Congressman Platts. Your letters to these men as well as to local policy makers, school boards, and to the editors of our local newspapers help me gain support and moment for the excellent mission of WalkBikeBerks. If you have not yet done so, please write your personal story about what WalkBikeBerks means to you. Explain in simple, real life situations how our quality of life improves when we have choice of transportation, when our streets are designed for people first, and when we no longer depend on cars to take us to the park or to our public library. Thank you for the fine work you are doing for the communities of Berks County. I'll see you soon.


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