Friday, March 7, 2008

Exeter Township Supervisors Board expands historical commission
By Katherine Ritz Hahn; News Writer

The supervisors also heard an update from WalkBikeBerks president Michele Barrett on the group's progress toward making Exeter a walk-able, bike-able community and on bringing the Safe Routes to School program to the township.
Barrett said that Exeter Township GIS Administrator Eric Gardecki created a township sidewalk map that shows completed sidewalks and areas that have only a partial infrastructure.
Barrett said she hopes to be able to overlay that map with a population density map and districting lines for each of the township's schools to determine where the group should focus on creating safe routes to schools that would benefit the largest number of children.
Highway Superintendent Clarence Hamm did research to help the group prioritize the cost of various road projects. Hamm suggested some zero cost projects to the board including restriping of crosswalks to increase visibility as a traffic-calming measure and using free-standing crosswalk markers provided at not cost by the state Department of Transportation.
Barrett also said Towship Zoning Office Cheryl Frankowiak, Police Chief Christopher Neidert and Parks and Recreation Superintendent Joe Seltzer were working with the non-profit group.

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