Friday, January 13, 2012

ATTN: Berks County Teachers

Safe Routes Berks  
A new project is being offered through a partnership of Berks County Intermediate Unit with Walk Bike Berks called “Safe Routes Berks.” The purpose of Safe Routes Berks is to encourage pedestrian and bicycle safety for Berks County K-8 students as they walk/bike to school or the bus stop. Safe Routes Berks instructors will provide curriculum, training, support, and resources for K-8 health and physical education teachers. The initiative, which is funded by a number of sources including US Department of Transportation, will cover all costs related to professional development ( including substitute fees for teachers, curriculum and other resources/materials).

The Safe Routes Berks educational program is funded in part through a Transportation Enhancement grant from the Federal Highway Administration - U.S. Department of Transportation, through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Reading Area Transportation Study.

Michele Barrett, Safe Routes Berks Program Manager, would like to organize a Curriculum Review and Steering Committee consisting of K-8 health and physical education teachers to provide guidance for the project. Committee representation will include public and non-public school:

Grades K-2 teachers (2)

Grades 3-4 teachers (2)

Grades 5-6 teachers (2)

Middle School or Junior High Teachers (2)

Committee members will be required to attend 3 evaluation sessions throughout 2012 and 2013, beginning February 14 and 15. Substitute fees will be reimbursed. 
On-Line Registration Instructions
To begin, please visit the website listed below and follow the step-by-step instructions that will display on the screen. Steps are also listed below for your reference. We hope that you will find this online registration system user-friendly.
1. Go to BCIU's Website
2. On the left hand side of the screen under quick links, click on “My Learning Plan”
3. Scroll down to Step One and click on the link "click here to view course catalog"
4. Click "view now"
5. Locate “Safe Routes Berks “Pilot”
6. Click on the title of the training
7. Click on "click to enroll"
8. Following registration procedures that apply to you:
  • I’m a registered user – select this option if you have already created a personal account in My Learning Plan (MLP).
  • I’m a new user – select this option if you do not have an account. By completing this you are establishing an account with a username and password in a secure location for future reference. You can update or change any of this information as needed.
  • I’m a My Learning user – select this option if you have an account with
For more information about the course, please contact Michele Barrett at
For technical support on using the online registration system, please contact Heidi Gamler 610-987-8548.
Register by Wednesday, February 8

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