Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bike to Work Challenge Begins May 1

WalkBikeBerks is sponsoring for the 3rd year our Bike To Work month challenge for Bike Month in May 2011!

If you live in Berks County or work in Berks County and ride your bike to or from work you may participate in our challenge. Every trip you ride your bike (to or from work) will get your name entered into a raffle during the month of May 2011. So, the more trips you have the better opportunity for you to win!

Also, if you get your co-workers involved, your place of employment may also win a raffle! During Bike To Work week of May 16th - May 20th any business located within Berks County that has the most employees participating in the commuter challenge will win a prize. All participating employees who commuted to / from work during Bike To Work week will be entered into a raffle for the prize.

How do you enter?
There are two ways you can track your trips and miles.

1. You may go to and register for WalkBikeBerks Bike To Work Month challenge. *Please note you must first register prior to entering the competition through the website.

Once you are registered and accepted into our challenge you may start entering your trips and miles for each day you commuted to or from work (please note in your profile your business name as a profile tag so we can track businesses participating). If you would like to get your co-workers involved create a profile for your company and have each co-worker join your team and enter the competition together!

2. If you do not want to log your trips online, you may use our spreadsheet to track your trips and miles and send back to when completed. Click Here to download the spreadsheet to begin.

We will announce winners in early June once all the entries are in and tabulated. A listing of prizes will be posted soon, so come back often for updates or visit our website! Start spreading the news to your friends and co-workers!

Good luck and happy bicycling!

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