Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrate St Patty's Day by Going Green [Transportation]


SIGN THE PETITIONAmerica needs a transportation system that ends our dependence on oil, cuts pollution, and provides clean, efficient, and affordable transportation options while putting the country back to work.
Why Green Transportation?

Trails, walking, bicycling and public transit are critical elements of a safe, efficient and healthy transportation system. And yet, we currently invest far too little in these programs, while putting nearly 80 cents of every federal transportation dollar into roadways for automobiles. It’s no wonder, then, that so many Americans can’t safely and conveniently walk, bike or take transit to get where they’re going.

Need more reasons why you should act? You should know that increased investment in trails, walking and bicycling means:

More jobs per dollar for small local businesses:
Design, engineering and construction of walking and bicycling facilities such as trails create more good jobs per dollar than do other transportation projects, while keeping the profits closer to home.
Positive returns for the federal budget:
Active transportation investments save the federal government money by reducing the need to build more expensive transportation infrastructure, cutting federal health-care costs and creating jobs.
Greater travel choices for the American public:
A recent national poll found that nearly three-quarters of Americans feel they "have no choice but to drive as much as" they do, and two-thirds "would like more transportation options."
Health and safety:
By incorporating exercise into their daily routines instead of having to make time during busy lives, many more Americans will be able to reach the surgeon general's physical activity recommendations. Further, 13 percent of highway fatalities involve pedestrians and bicyclists; providing safe and convenient places to walk and bicycle increases demand and reduces crashes.
Reduced oil dependence:
Automobiles are responsible for 40 percent of U.S. oil use. Cutting miles driven—and reduced congestion with fewer cars on the road—is among the best ways to manage our oil-related economic, environmental and security vulnerabilities. Shifting short trips to bicycling and walking could save four to 10 billion gallons of fuel each year.


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