Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PennDot Survey on Safe Motorist Driving Habits

PennDot has a survey up on it's website that you can access HERE. Go to the site and fill out the survey. There is also a section at the end where you can add your comments about other safety related comments you want to share.

Use this opportunity to share you concerns about needs of non-motorists on our PA roads! Share your concerns about lack of Complete Streets, lack of sharrows or dedicated bike lanes. Use this opportunity to share your concerns over lack of motorist education in treating bicyclists and/or pedestrians!

It's great that PennDot has survey questions regarding excessive speeding and drunk driving, but notice that not ONE of the survey questions dealt with how YOU as a motorist handle a situation involving a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Take the survey and pass this blog onto your friends who care about needs of pedestrians and bicyclists TODAY!

1 comment:

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