Friday, June 12, 2009

Bike Pittsburgh Takes the Lead with Car Free Fridays

Launch: June 12, 2009
Every year BikePGH joins bicycle advocates across the nation to promote and participate in Bike to Work Day. There is one problem…one day a year to celebrate and encourage biking to work is hardly enough.
So BikePGH and our partners have decided to launch a city-wide initiative to encourage commuters to leave their cars at home at least once a week. We’re calling it Car Free Fridays - a day where the air is a little cleaner and the streets a little safer. A day each week we can all look forward to, not just to welcome the weekend, but to welcome the use of smart transportation.
How to Participate
  1. Don’t Drive Today
  2. Encourage your friends!
  3. Join or Start a Neighborhood Bike Pool
    What’s a BikePool?
    It’s like car pooling, but on bikes! People who need to ride from one neighborhood to another on a daily basis, meet up at a specified location and ride into work together. It’s a great way to learn how to commute by bike, beat the traffic jams, park for free, and build community.
    New to Bike Commuting? This is a great way to “learn the ropes” and take a ride with experienced cyclists. Read our Bike to Work Guide to get started. Once you try it, we promise you’ll be hooked.
    Experienced Bike Commuter? Join the Bike Pool to help create safety in numbers and show someone else that it can be done. Riding with new cyclists is an effective way to get people to try it out and take their first ride.

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