Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 PA Bike Summit


Your help is needed to make a difference for bicycling in Pennsylvania. We need a show of force in Harrisburg May 5th, 2009 to demonstrate bicyclists’ interest and concern from all sections of the state. When we unite to ride and speak together, we will make a difference.

Tuesday, May 5th
8:30 AM Assemble at Farm Show Complex, 2300 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA.
9:15 AM Ride begins
10:00 AM Rally at the Capitol, West Entrance

Bike to the Capitol – Ride and Rally

  • Register Online at
  • Assemble for Short Bike Ride to the Capitol.
  • Join PA Legislators, Executive Officers and the Governor as they support Bike Month and bicycling in Pennsylvania.
  • Educate our legislators about bicyclists’ issues.
  • Gain more support for pro-cyclist legislation, HB 1110 and SB776. (38 House sponsors, there are 203 Representatives; 15 Senate sponsors, there are 50 Senators).
    You can review the legislation on the General Assembly’s website

After the Bike and Ride Rally

  • Meet with your Representative and Senator to explain the importance of legislation to require motorists to provide a safe passing distance and share why bicycling is important to you.
  • Attend the Bicyclist Forum presented by Bicycle Access Council that will be held in the nearby Keystone Building, PUC Hearing Room #3 located on the Plaza Level at 1:15 PM. For more information, visit

From Home
If you can't attend the Bike Ride and Rally, you can still help bring bicycling issues to the forefront in Pennsylvania. Please:

  • Contact your Representative and Senator and tell them that it is important to you that they attend the Rally in support of bicycling in Pennsylvania on May 5th.
    Email, Phone, or Fax. This will take just a few minutes.
  • Meet with your Representative and Senator in their district offices and ask them to support HB1110 or SB776 and explain why this legislation is necessary and why bicycling is important to you.
  • If they are already co-sponsors, thank them for their support of issues important to you.

Rain or Shine, we can show how much we care about the importance of bicycling in Pennsylvania by Rallying on May 5.

Register today at so we can better prepare.

If you have questions, need more information, contact 610-779-9702 or Thank you.

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