Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking School Bus in Mount Penn, PA

A little rain couldn't stop these Pennsylvanian children from walking to school in December. Surrounded by parents, teachers, police escort on bicycles, and volunteers from WalkBikeBerks -- these kids simply prepared. They carried umbrellas, wore brightly colored baseball caps, and were sure to clip their reflective zipper pulls on their outerwear. Posters from the Safe Routes to School Academy Tool Kit were displayed to spread the message: Walking to school is safe, healthy, and fun for children.
The 'school bus' carries umbrellas, zipper pulls, baseball caps, and other supplies that are given to children at each new 'bus' stop along the route.

Reflective zipper pulls and brightly colored baseball caps make the children more visible for the early morning trip to school.

See the school bus in the back of the photo? Children (and their parents) were delighted to leave the real bus behind to join the Walking School Bus in Mount Penn. Even in a December rain. Why? Because they value a lifetime of health, safety and fun.

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