Saturday, July 5, 2008

Google Map of the Thun Trail

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  1. T.H. from Limerick12/8/08

    As of August 2008, cycling on the Thun Trail is a far cry from what it was just three months ago. Sections that were polluted with stones and holes for the most part are gone, replaced with a packed cinder base, making for easy pedaling for any type of bike. There is now ample room for two bikes to pass safely. Also, Birdsboro has finally run the trail all the way through the borough (with part of the trail on roads). It looks more like a public parkway now instead of a "path to nowhere" that cuts through parts unknown.

    A few signs here and there to alert users where they are and of potential hazards wouldn't hurt. But I assume they're working on that.

    The only place the trail needs improvement now is between the bridge at RACC (Reading Area Community College) and the Brentwood trail head. Do there what has been done east of there, and that will be great.

    To everyone involved in this, great job and keep up the good work. I represent all Thun Trail users in expressing my thanks.

  2. Anonymous8/3/09

    The trail east of Birdsboro is awfully rough from horses it seems more a horse trail than bike trail.

  3. Anonymous8/3/09

    The trail east of Birdsboro is awfully rough from horses it seems more a horse trail than bike trail.

  4. Anonymous6/4/10

    As of 4/6/2010, heading west through Birdsboro the trail appears to end at the junction of Armorcrast & 345. You have to turn right on 345, left on 724 (W. Main), go ~.2 miles and then go right on Schuylkill Rd. A few signs here would be very helpful.

  5. Trek rider20/9/12

    I have used this trail several times. Getting through Birdsboro can be a challenge if you've never been there before due to lack of signage, so I'll try to clarify this for everyone.

    Going east (from Gibraltar): Where Old Schuylkill Road ends, turn left on 724. Follow this to light at 345, turn right. The first street on the left, which has a cement surface, is Arborcast Road. The trail officially follows this road. About half-mile on the right is a gravel driveway and parking lot at a baseball field. Stay on the left side of the parking lot and you will hit the other end of the trail. From this point east it is a continuous trail to Riverfront Park in Pottstown. At the Montgomery County line the surface changes from cinder to asphalt.

    Note: If you find this stretch too rough, if you don't mind traffic you can easily bypass it. When you turn right at the light at 345, go then to the second light and turn left (724 east/Main St). Follow this street through and out of town about 2 miles to the trail crossing at the Ugly Mug Tavern, where you can re-enter the trail on your right.

    Going west (from Pottstown), do the opposite of the above.