Friday, December 21, 2007

Greenway, Park and Recreation Plan

The Berks County Greenway, Park and Recreation Plan was adopted by the Berks County Commissioners on December 20, 2007.

Please encourage and support the County in implementing the Greenway, Park, and Open Space Plan. Comments welcome.

Take a moment to thank the Berks County Planning Commission for adopting this new policy.
Berks County Planning Commission
Berks County Services Center
633 Court St., 14th Floor
Reading, PA 19601-4309
Ph: 610-478-6300
Fax: 610-478-6316

Glenn R. Knoblauch, Executive Director

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  1. I sent an email to Mr Knoblauch (see below):

    As a citizen of Berks County, member of Walk Bike Berks, a bicyclist, a father and advocate of walkable communties and Safe Routes To School I thank you for adopting the above plan. This is a great step forward in exploiting the heritage of Berks County as well as a step in helping to connect and grow communities within. I look forward to the excellent execution of this plan.

    See around page 68-69.