Monday, July 19, 2010

Reverse the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Join a Discussion about Policies to Reverse the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

RWJF Invites Comments About How to Best Advance Policies to Create Healthier Schools and Communities

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is launching a special online forum to start an open dialogue about the best ways to implement our six policy priorities for reversing the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015. We encourage everyone to register and join the conversation.
The RWJF Community registration process is brief. If you are already registered, you will be be able to participate in the forum after you sign in.

The discussion forum consists of six topic threads—one for each policy priority. RWJF staff members are acting as hosts and will post messages frequently to respond to comments and offer their own thoughts. We’re launching the online discussion forum today and anticipate leaving it open for the next month.

Participate in the discussion.


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  1. Children need to be educated regarding healthy lifestyles to combat childhood obesity.